How do I even begin to introduce myself?

It’s always so hard to say something about yourself without sounding “makapal ang mukha” or like you’re shortchanging yourself. People spend their lifetime trying to figure out who they really are. I don’t know if I can describe myself accurately, but just so you know, you are about to read the thoughts of a 23-year-old girl, who is currently very much in love with life. I am Vivien Faye Ocampo Reyes, Vivien means “LOVELY” and Faye means “Little Fairy”. I’m not your typical girl, I smile a lot and try to make other people smile, but who has her own issues and hang ups to deal with too. Knowing me a little bit deeper might give you some confusions ‘cause I’m certainly hell hard to define. I am kind but there’s a limit too, I am confident but is not yet enough to take pride off, I may not be the geekiest geek in school but I have the brains too, I am thrifty but sometimes I spend money like millionaires do, some say that money CAN’T buy happiness, and yes that’s true! but I learned that money can’t really buy happiness BUT Money can buy a lot of things that can make people happy. (Reality check!) going on, I am very organized but I always end up messing up, I am patient but I hate waiting, I want a car but I don't even know how to drive, I am a carefree person, I'm extremely lazy when it comes to fixing my things, I'm very talkative, I speak a lot and a lot and a lot, I’m just super duper energetic, I'm easy to scare, I am materialistic (Yes, I admit it!), I wish I have a tattoo, I want to own a Louis Vuitton or maybe Chanel, Prada, HERMES bag, I love writing poems, I love Korean/Hollywood fashion, I want to draw & design houses, play drums, learn to swim and dance, learn how to speak Spanish and French, I love to cook and bake, take photographs, travel and explore new places, write a blog, design clothes, earn money, buy a car & study abroad. I love to shop. I'm drooling over 168, MNG, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Calliope, Ukay-Ukay, Forever 21 even SM/Midtown Department Stores. I love reading books, but I'm too choosy. I'm not a bookworm though, I read just for fun or when I'm bored. So I choose on bugging on some short novels instead, Right now, I'm loving Vince life part III (The Wedding) since I finished the part I already 3 years ago and Part II a year ago, Some titles that are left inside my mind are the Rich Dad Poor Dad, Girls' Guide to College, Shopaholic and a lot more. There still so much more I want to say but don't know where to start again.
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